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Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them | (Spoiler Free) Movie Review 

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! That was absolutely my first reaction when I saw the opening titles. Well, that was the reaction in my head because I’ll get kicked out of the movie theater if a scream-fest actually took place. So, on the 18th of November, several of my friends and I went to see the long awaited Fantastic Beasts movie. I have one thing to say about it, it did not disappoint. 

Though I have not read any of the Harry Potter series (I know, shameful) it has been introduced to me through films. I remember it being a huge part of my childhood since both my parents are keen on watching every single movie and having every single movie DVDs. We would have HP movie nights, and it was rare for us to have those because both of my parents works so I don’t get to spend a lot of time with them-anyways. It was a mind-boggling experience seeing the magical world again, the house elves, the potions, the wands, the spells-oh the spells! 

A lot of people hyped about this, I’m aware of that. Some aren’t so satisfied with it. Though so, it does not lessen the quality of this movie. Here are reasons why you should watch this fan favorite in theaters now!

New characters, new adventures! 


In my defense, the introduction of new characters that are far beyond Potter’s age is understandable. Most HP fans are young adults now, some even on their thirties so new characters like these would be more suitable, but not limited to. Besides, who wouldn’t love the kind hearted Newt (especially if it’s portrayed by Eddie Redmayne), and his hilariously clueless sidekick Mr. Jacob the aspiring baker. Not to mention the oh so relatable Tina and her sister Queenie. Talk about sibling envy! 

Magic in North America and the world? 


Are we gonna talk about no-maj, and how it doesn’t even come close to sounding as elegant as muggles?! I will always call them muggles but, I get it , it’s an American thing. No-maj. But imagine the possibilities of other magical terms yet to be unraveled! Other than that there’s also MACUSA which is literal bs in my opinion, in no way that they sound as cool as the Ministry of Magic. But, the thing I’ve noticed is that there are POC representatives shown when they were holding a conference so maybe, the magical world is larger than we thought. Maybe Rowling will introduce us to a wizarding school in Asia in the near future? One can only hope.

Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Although you don’t get to see much of the school in the first movie, it is mentioned and one of the houses emblems, the epic Thunderbird is actually introduced in the movie. Oh mon dieu, yes, please! A new school means new houses and a new sorting ceremony! Supposedly, I’m a Horned Serpent, you can be sorted here if you’d like.  Aside from that, Ilvermorny has a significantly touching origin that you could read about here.

The dangers of abuse and repression 


This movie as fun as it sounds also deals with rather serious issues regarding abuse. A character in the movie is shown as a victim of abuse, and since the one that’s abusing is a close relative, he has no one to turn to, and in order to cope he has to repress his feelings for almost his whole life. Sounds familiar..



How can I not talk about the beasts? They were adorable and magnificent at the same time. Now, I won’t spoil anything but these beasts carry as much personalities as human characters which prove Rowling’s ability to bring anything to life! You’ll have to see the movie to get the feel of it.

Now, are you convinced that it’s the best movie this month and you must absolutely watch it right this second? If yes, please tell me what you think after in the comments below! Hope you enjoy being back in the wizarding world.

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Final Rating – ★★★★★

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