“where did you go?”

This blog has been on hiatus for months now and here I am trying to desperately explain my absence. First of all, I would like to apologise for my absence, I’ve been yearning to go back to blogging regularly but my schedule prevents me from doing so.


I was bending over backwards trying to juggle five subjects (whereas a normal student would only do two or three), and that is why I truly could not find time to do reviews or even read recreationally, could you imagine? But finally! The most stressful semester I have gone through has passed. And I will continue to blog weekly from now on. Content will, of course, consist of current reads, honest reviews, monthly favourites and recommendations. So be on the look out for those for the next few weeks!

Okay, I still feel like I need to update on what kept me busy other than studies. So here’s a brief life update (I talk about myself a lot in this section – feel free to skip if you’re not interested.) For a third of the semester, I was really focused on making art, sketching, drawing, painting, the likes. I’ve also been rekindling lost friendships and hanging out with more people in general, the community in this school is very tight-knit, which makes it the more enjoyable, people are also very accepting and tolerant. I was part of the prom committee and that required a little bit of my time too, but honestly, it’s mostly the weight of 70% hands-on assignments from my subjects. I had to be a part of a political campaign, media campaign, organised a conference, film documentaries, finish a research paper whilst doing other assignments in between it was draining okay. Honestly, I wouldn’t’ve survived if it weren’t for my boyfriend’s and best friends’ constant support, that sounded cheesy but it is true. Here’s to you guys. 


The first one out of the ballpark would be a review on Renee Ahdieh’s debut novel, The Wrath and The Dawn. Which will be published in a day’s time. Followed by a dream cast on the following week, and another book review afterwards. I’m so excited to finally be able to connect with fellow readers and bloggers again. Feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks for reading and see ya on the next one!





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